Read below about two KreARTive Kids™ programs, designed to empower kids to discover their creative talents.  Contact us today to discuss the endless possibilities for KreARTive Kids.

Wanda Wannabee Series

“Wanda Wannabee and the Rainbow” is an interactive story. This creative experience is intended for children in the 6-11 age range. It can also be used for younger children as a verbal experience.

The child becomes a “co-author” by contributing words (adjectives) and word combinations (metaphors and similes) which complete thoughts and create images.

The “co-author” helps to develop the story line and bring characters to life. As an aid for those instances where the child needs some assistance in finding word possibilities, there is a numbered/word/phrase/ reference section at the end of the story. Each number in the reference section coincides with a numbered missing word or word combination in the story.

Additionally, by providing titled blank pages, this story offers the opportunity for the child to become an illustrator and personalize characters and situations in the story through their drawings. This interactive experience is designed to help develop a love of language and to provide a sense of the power and joy of creative expression.

The original music on the accompanying CD is designed to provide additional creative possibilities, and, as an aid to learning:

1. Each character is represented by its own melodic theme. This encourages children to make an association between the melodies and characters in the stories.

2. The melodies are simple and catchy and children can hum them back easily. The melodic repetition helps them to refine their listening skills and makes them aware of major and minor keys that evoke the different moods in the story.

3. Through listening, children can create and develop their own melodies for the story characters, exploring how they would perceive them.

We believe that the integration of language, music and art empowers children to take ownership of their own creativity and make learning a fun and rewarding experience.

Little Brown Bear Series

The first of the Little Brown Bear Series is “Little Brown Bear and You.” There is more than one way to interact when reading and listening to music. “The Little Bear” series encourages children to interpret words and music through the use of their five senses. We will also encourage children to explore the emotional sense of how they feel through an interactive Q and A at the end of the story.

  1. Why is Little Brown Bear lonely? Would you be lonely too if you were Little Brown Bear?
  2. What would you look for to love if you were Little Brown Bear?
  3. Do you think Little Brown Bear made good choices?
  4. What might Little Brown Bear be dreaming about as he slept in the hollow log?
  5. What would be your favorite picture to draw of the Little Brown Bear story?

We also envision children having the opportunity to interpret the story through drawing. It is our intent with the Little Brown Bear story for each child to be able to become a part of the story by inserting their own drawing or photo in a handbook or interactively on the computer.