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by Susan A. Katz & Sharon Ruchman | Little Bear's Garden

Little Bear’s Garden

In Little Bear’s garden veggies were growing
Little shoots had popped up and were joyfully showing
The beginnings of stalks that were greener than green
At the end of one stalk was the tip of a bean
And thick vines were spreading above the brown ground
And cucumber plants were creeping around
And onion tips pointed right up to the sky.
And the leaves of the lettuce seemed like wings that could fly.

Oh Little Bear thought how his garden might be
The prettiest thing that one ever would see
A million green colors shone bright in the sun
And Little Bear thought that he couldn’t pick one
That was any prettier than all of the rest
And here was the part that was best of the best…..

Those veggies were growing fat and fast day by day
The soaked up the sun and the rain as Bear played
By the pond where the golden bright fish were jumping
And the big old Bull Frog was loudly “harrumphing”
Where Birds sang in the treetops sweet as the breeze
And Little Bear was as happy as a Bear gets to be.

He was thinking of how he would fill up his plate
He was thinking he didn’t have too much longer to wait
Till the peas would be popping like corn in a popper
And one of those peppers would turn into a whopper

Oh Bear loved his garden and all that grew in it
From peas in their pods to leafy green spinach
And he knew all those veggies were so good for him
That he’d be able to fill his plate to the brim
They helped him grow healthy and happy and strong
They helped him to run, jump, and play all day long

A garden thought Bear was such fun to grow
And he was so glad that you had taught him to know
That veggies were yummy, delicious, and sweet
Something no one ever told you that you shouldn’t eat

Poem by Susan A.Katz
Music by Sharon Ruchman

c 2015

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