Little Brown Bear Series

The Little Brown Bear series encourages children to interpret words and music through the use of their five senses. A question and answer section at the end of each story stimulates creative thought processes, allowing kids to connect emotion and reasoning. Follow along below to read and listen to a sample of the story, “Little Brown Bear and You,” first in the series. Our goal is to work with a publisher to make these and the entire KreARTive Kids™ program available to children in classrooms and homes around the world. The possibilities for developing this series are endless. It could be formatted as an animated video with accompanying hard copy book, CD and stuffed animal. It could be developed as a board game or interactive digital application. We envision limitless horizons for this series. Scroll below to read and listen to “Little Brown Bear and You.”

Little Brown Bear and You

Little Brown Bear was alone.
Little Brown Bear was all alone and lonely.
Little Brown Bear was all alone and lonely and looking for someone to love.
Little Brown Bear wandered along alone and lonely until he came to a tree.
He looked at the tree and thought, ‘Maybe I could love this tree.’

He stretched up on the tippy-tippy top of his small little toes. He reached out with his furry little arms. But the tree was soooo tall Little Brown Bear couldn’t see to the top. The tree was sooooo big around that Little Brown Bear’s arms couldn’t reach. And the trunk of the tree was rough and hard. Little Brown Bear sat down on the ground and sighed a sad lonely sigh.

Soon, Little Brown Bear got up and started on his way again. After a while he came to a happy stream that seemed to be laughing out loud as it flowed along. “Ah Ha,” said Little Brown Bear, “here is something I could love.” He reached down with his small brown paw to touch the stream. But the water was cold and racing along so fast that it almost tumbled Little Brown Bear head over heels into its swift running current. It was noisy too. It gurgled and giggled and sniggled so loudly that Little Bear couldn’t even hear himself moan as he sat down on the green grass growing beside the stream. A small little tear trickled out of Little Bear’s eye and tickled along his cheek and fell onto the grass.

As Little Brown Bear sat all alone and lonely he noticed a teeny tiny ant crawling along over a smooth gray rock. Little Brown Bear’s eyes popped open wide. Maybe here was something to love. But the ant was too tiny for hugging and much too busy going about his ant business to stop and visit with Little Brown Bear and even though the little bear bent his head close to the ground and hollered out a greeting as loud as she could, the busy ant didn’t seem at all interested in making friends and skittered off to disappear in the long grass.

That night, Little Brown Bear found a spot in the hollow of a tree. He crept inside and wrapped his fuzzy arms around his plump little body and hugged himself hard to keep warm. As he looked out at the big black sky he noticed the tiny blinking lights of hundreds and millions of stars dancing in the velvet darkness. With all those stars, thought Little Brown Bear, surely there must be one I could love. But though the stars were bright, they offered no warmth and they were so very far away and there were so many of them that Little Brown Bear gave up looking for a special star to love and closed his black button eyes, yawned a big yawn and fell sound asleep.

In the morning Little Brown Bear woke to the sound of small feet walking on the pebbles outside his hollow tree bed. He poked his little head out, pricked up his furry brown ears and what he saw made his heart beat like an excited drum. What he saw was………………….


You weren’t too tall or too big and you didn’t look rough or hard like the tree. In fact, YOU were just right.

You didn’t look cold and you weren’t noisy or moving fast like the stream. In fact, YOU were just right.

You weren’t too tiny or busy or unfriendly like the ant. In fact, your face was bright and smiling as you looked at the lonely little bear and you seemed to Little Brown Bear to be just right.

You weren’t far away and there weren’t too many of you like the stars. No. No. In fact, YOU WERE JUST RIGHT!

Little Brown Bear felt your small sweet arms reach down and lift him. He felt your smooth, sweet cheek rub gently against his fur. His tiny little heart filled till it felt like it would float right out of his body. He had found someone to love.

As Little Brown Bear snuggled warmly next to you in bed that night he heard you whisper as you drifted off to sleep, “I love you Little Brown Bear.” Little Brown Bear knew then that loving someone was a grand and wondrous thing, but being loved in return was the very best thing in the whole wide world!

Questions for You

1. Why is Little Brown Bear lonely? Would you be lonely too if you were Little Brown Bear?

2. What would you look for to love if you were Little Brown Bear?

3. Do you think Little Brown Bear made good choices?

4. What might Little Brown Bear be dreaming about as he slept in the hollow log?

5. What would be your favorite picture to draw of the Little Brown Bear story?

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