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Welcome to the Little Brown Bear Series

Little Brown Bear and You is a story of discovery.

It is filled with the joy of layering language, music and sound effects.

Listen to an excerpt from Little Brown Bear and You

Little Brown Bear and You is rich in descriptive words, using adjectives, metaphors and similes to bring characters and situations to life. This story is meant to engage all of the five senses, plus the sense of emotion, and provide young children a delightful way to discover the power and pleasure of words.

This story is intended to entertain and engage and invites children to be good listeners. With this in mind, we’ve added a touch of interactive activity by including a question/answer section at the end. This allows children the opportunity to express their feelings about the stories and characters and perhaps, reinvent them.

At the end of the story there is a place for children to insert their own photo and a place to include their own drawings. This allows the child a wide expanse of KreARTive freedom.

Also included in the Little Brown Bear series is Vadie and Natie and the Bear in the Bucket.

Read more about the Little Brown Bear series here.

KreARTive Kids

Aspire: “Wanda Wannabee and the Rainbow” is an interactive story. The story empowers the child to aspire to become a “co-author” by filling in the blanks with descriptive words and phrases. The “co-author” helps write the story and bring characters to life.

Believe: The story offers the opportunity for the child to become an illustrator, believing in his/her own imagination. The child draws characters and the scenes that occur throughout the story, making them his/her own. The pages are blank, titled to give the child direction. This form of creative expression could be used on a tablet, phone or laptop.

Create: Each character is represented by its own melodic theme so a child can connect the characters with the representative melodies. In future online versions of the series, children will be able to help create their own melodies to represent the characters.

Discover: Discover how using language, music and art together empowers children and makes learning a fun and rewarding experience. To Discover the endless possibilities of how we can develop this program together, contact us now.

Welcome to the Wanda Wannabee Series

Children will follow Wanda Wannabee as she captures the rainbow. Then they get to participate in writing the story by providing nouns, verbs, adjectives, metaphors and similes to bring the story to life. Using their ABCDs, children become co-authors of the story, giving them a sense of ownership. KreARTive Kids empowers children to explore and use their creative abilities. Also available in the Wanda Wannabee series: Wanda Wannabee and the Fox in the Hollow, and Wanda Wannabee and the Secret Seeds. Click here to learn more.

Listen to an excerpt from Wanda Wannabe and the Rainbow

About the Creators

Susan KatzSusan Katz, Author

Susan A. Katz is an internationally known poet, author, lecturer, and educator. She is the author of three poetry collections and two textbooks. Her work has appeared in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies. Susan has received broad and critical acclaim from poets and educators for her work as a poet, author, lecturer and teacher. She has won a number of awards for her poetry and has presented readings at universities and libraries. Read more here…

Sharon-RuchmanSharon Ruchman, Composer

Sharon Ruchman is a singer, composer and pianist. She began piano studies at the age of 8. Sharon graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music and Yale School of Music. In 2009 she released her first original classic music CD featuring “Sea Glass”, followed by the CDs Arrival of Spring in 2010, Remembrance in 2011, Textures in 2012 and A Bit of Tango and More in 2013. Her music is heard on classical music radio stations worldwide. Read more here…


Kreartive Kids- Putting Music to Words

Kreartive Kids seemed to take on a life of its own the longer we worked on it.  Maybe “work” is not the operative word here, because the creative process was just plain fun; the same kind of fun that we decided to turn into a storytelling experience, through the recording of a CD. Even that became an ongoing experience, because we decided that words and music were great, but wouldn’t it be greater still for kids to hear sound effects. Wanda was a farm girl, and there were many fabulous sounds we could introduce, bringing the experience to life, for kids who have never been on a farm.          Susan narrates the stories and Sharon’s music enriches the adventures: from climbing mountains, looking for the rainbow’s end, to planting secret seeds and watching them grow. There is a joyful energy that we hope children will respond to by becoming creatively involved in the words and the music.  Our “Little Bear” CD, for very young children, would make wonderful bedtime story listening.  The “Wanda” stories bring to life, a world of adventure for young and older... read more

How Kreartive Kids Was Born

Both the “Wanda Wannabee” and “Little Bear” series were written for my grandchildren. “Little Brown Bear and You” was a lesson about loving and being loved. It was a message that I wanted to explore with one of my granddaughters who was feeling a bit left out of things. “Wanda Wannabee and the “Fox in the Hollow” was a way of sharing my love for nature and wild creatures. The interactive component in the “Wanda Wannabee” stories, I introduced to two of my granddaughters on an absolutely beautiful summer’s day, when they could have been swimming and playing by the pool. They became so engrossed in “co-authoring” the stories and drawing pictures of the characters, that we could not tempt them away from the dining room table.  They became part of their own learning and growing experience. I realized then that these stories were something I wanted to give to other children. And so, KreartiveKids was born.         I met Susan at one of my musical performances and we started to talk about her poetry and children’s’ stories. We thought that we might be able to collaborate on a children’s program. I was drawn to the “Wanda Wannabee” and “Little Bear” stories when Susan presented them to me.  I had an opportunity to read these charming stories, and as a composer, was especially interested in adding another dimension to them, with the layering of music.   The characters were delightful, and I thought it would be a great idea to compose musical themes that would represent them.  The music is “hummable” and children can recognize the... read more

Wanda Wannabee and the Rainbow

There are endless wonders to be found in the natural world.  Wanda Wannabee, a young and adventurous girl discovers the beauty of the rainbow. Susan and Sharon discovered, in writing the words and music for this story, that there is a true lesson about family and sharing, and being a part of something bigger than yourself, that needed to be told. Susan’s writing inspiration for the story comes from her role as a poet/teacher, mother and a grandmother of seven, and a lover of nature.  Sharon’s musical contribution was inspired by the images in the story.  Music, for Sharon, created a connection to the characters through “hummable” melodies that are easily identified by... read more

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